There are three questions that we are asked when clients contact us directly for information and reassurance:

  1. Will our pet be done by itself or with others?
    Our Private Cremation equation is simple: One Pet + One Crematory + One Cremation Cycle to completion = One Private Cremation. We assure and comfort our clients that we treat their pets as we do our own.
  2. How can I be sure my pet is in the urn?
    We tell our clients that when we pick up their pets from the Veterinary Clinic or their home, we attach a stainless steel Sweet Dreams tag to the body container. The tag has a unique number and that number is written next to their pets name and weight and the P/C/S designation on our paper work and this is recorded in our data-base forever. The tag goes into the crematory with their pet and stays with the cremains and finally it is put in the urn to identify the cremains for eternity.
  3. If I choose Communal Cremation, sometimes referred to as group or no save what happens to the cremains?
    Our Sweet Dream facility is located on five acres in Amelia County, Virginia. We dig a human sized grave and that will hold nine months to one years’ worth of cremains. The graves are not marked or available to the public but this is the proper way to handle the cremains. We assure our clients that we would not put their pets in the landfill. We have enough property for 200+ years at the current rate of fill.

We know that you must have faith that what we promise is what we do and we highly value that faith and trust you put in us.